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Copier Repair Services: How To Fix 4 Most Common Printer Issues

Multifunction printers are considered to be assets in the business world because of the convenience they offer; however, they can bring frustration at the same time.

Every office employee understands the amount of stress each time there is an issue with the printer. Just like other machines, you can expect that issues could arise anytime when doing your printing tasks. It could be as common as paper jams, ink problems, and paper output issues. It could also be as complicated as broken parts where replacements are going to be necessary and copier repair services professionals will have to be contacted.

Before you resort to repair services, first lookout for the common problems that may happen anytime. Learn how to resolve them before calling for professional help.

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Paper Jam Issues

·         Survey shows that this is the most commonly encountered issue in an office printer and an incorrect paper size is one of the most often reason behind this. All printer users should check the paper tray before using it and choose the right size needed for each printing job.

·         Another possible reason is improper tray stacking. For bulk printing, make sure that you strictly follow the load capacity of the printer tray. Remember, do not over stack it because doing so will not expedite your printing.

·         Also, dusts from the paper may build up inside the machine which could clog up the wheels, so have a team do a regular maintenance check to avoid this issue. It would be best if the feeding wheels are wiped or dusted regularly.

Unwanted lines on the output.

Have you noticed those streaks or lines on your copied materials? These are often caused by several factors like drum unit malfunction, issue with fusers, or foreign substances on the glass. Before copying or scanning any document, make sure to check the glass and wipe off any particles on it. If the issue is caused by the other two factors, contact your IT team or the professionals for servicing.

Issues with the ink, toner, or cartridge.

It is important to check the toners or cartridges regularly to make sure that there is an adequate supply for your printing task and replacements must be done if they are empty or low. Other issues may also come from incompatibility and possible manufacturer damage. Just make sure to use only compatible cartridges or toners to avoid problems. For manufacturer damage, you can take it back to the shop of purchase for replacement.

Output is either too light or too dark.

Most of the time this is due to incorrect balance of density set on the printer. Most probably, the person who used the machine before you made some alterations to the settings to get the desired outcome for his own prints. Prior to making your prints, always check the printer’s settings and reset them if necessary.

The same issue could also be due to a worn out drum or the toner is just plainly bad. Necessary replacements must be done to get the right density on prints.

Never take your copiers for granted. They are doing so much for the business, which means they are entitled to getting proper care and maintenance from copier repair services experts. Make it a habit to review the user’s manual on not only using the machine but also knowing the suitable supplies and replacement parts.

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