In the world of printing technology, we must know the differences in terms of features. 

The difference between a laser printer and a plotter is that a plotter is a more sophisticated printer because it is used for high-drawings production. This includes blueprints, maps, and circuit diagrams. Laser printer, on the other hand, is a high-speed type, high-quality non-impact type of printer. They use one or more removable trays to store individual sheets. It slides in the printer case when at work with personal computers.



This is considered a sophisticated printer because it can produce high-quality blueprints, maps, or circuit diagrams. It can be used in fields of specialization like engineering and drafting. Drawings are very costly made by plotters. Using inkjet printer technology on a larger scale but photo-realistic colored prints of high-quality care in the large format. Usually, graphic artists use this high cost and high performance in posters, professional displays, and quality signs.

There are more than one automated pens that can create designs like blueprints and diagrams. Plotters can easily draw continuously from point to point at the same time. They are usually much more expensive than printers using the CAE.


This is a high-speed and high-quality type of non-impact printer. Use a removable tray to store individual sheets of paper that slide inside the printer case when at work with computers. They can do printing works with text and graphics in high-quality resolutions easily. 

Laser printers are more costly than inkjet printers. But some models are also affordable for home users. They can print faster as compared to an inkjet. Laser printers use text that is black and white states by printer manufacturers. This is used in small businesses and home users.

Color laser printers are slightly high-priced than black-and-white laser printers. They are similar to a copy machine operation. They use laser beams and ink powder called toner for image creation. Color printers use cartridges in multiple. Black and white use one color cartridge toner. For black and white, it is one cartridge, and for colors uses multiple cartridges. When the toner runs out of ink, that’s the time the toner should be replaced.



  • Capacity to read the files available in Ai, DWG, CDR, and other vector-type formats.
  • Receives command from the personal computer then draws a picture on the page.
  • Much more expensive but less cost-effective
  • Capability to draw lines continuously
  • Supports CAD, Corel, Flexi, Illustrator
  • The output format is similar to that of vector graphics.
  • Examples of plotters are Electrostatic, Inkjet, Flatbed, Pen, Drum plotters, etc.


  • Can read PDF and JPG TIFF, and BMP format
  • Brings texts and images with the given command through a network on the page.
  • Less costly compared to the plotter
  • Cannot draw lines continuously
  • Works in fast speed
  • The software includes image editing and Photoshop programs.
  • Gives the data file output such as pixels and bitmap/
  • Some examples are Laser Printers, Business Inkjet Printers, LED printers, Solid ink printers, 3D printers, and Home Inkjet.


You must do some research specifically with the features of your selection. I can recommend modern plotters for more of an advantage in laser printing technology to produce printed documents given the higher speeds. However, they may have to look more similar. This is true at some points where many have used plotters but opted for a wide format printer instead.

So, printing work must be accompanied by the capacity for volumes of printing. The laser printer is much better than the plotter because it works at a faster speed. The faster the speed, the more productivity. 

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