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How To Choose The Right Printer

Buying the right printer paper is the same as buying the actual printer itself. There are different options to choose from, which means that it is important to know what you are looking for. Depending primarily on the printer, you will have to find a specific paper for each printing job.

Laser printer papers are the easiest to find, while it takes a little patience when looking for high-quality inkjet printer papers. You can continue using just any random paper with your printer, however, this may give birth to more complex printer issues.

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How to know a printer paper’s quality?

When looking for the right paper for your printer, it is essential to know the different qualities of your paper because it is considered basic in printing. The machine may offer quality, but when paper is not properly chosen, it destroys the whole project all together.

Weight of the Paper

Weight of papers refers to the thickness of each sheet. The most widely used printer paper weighs 20 lbs and is also known as 20#. Since it is the most common type, it can be found easily in any office or school supplies shops and even in alleys of groceries. Remember, buying in bulk can be cheaper; the standard number of sheets in one ream is between 50 to 100 pieces.

Generally, paper can weigh from 20# to 32# and can also be as high as 110# for card paper stock. Personal documents, newsletters, or flyers can be printed with better quality if the paper used is heavier. It is observed that the use of heavier paper brings out better colors. It can also help save on costs since you can print on both sides without worrying about bleed-through. Thin papers may cost less, however, the use of it may result to paper jam causing serious issues. When that is the case, you are only increasing paper waste.

Paper Moisture Content

Paper is known to be dry. However, getting a closer look of the papers, you will understand that different papers have different moisture levels. For a fact, inkjet printers would need papers with low moisture in it because if the paper is too moist, this can cause the printer to jam. It is also the same with using a super dry paper on a laser printer, it may also cause problems. Keeping stocks of paper properly is also another factor. Keep the temperature of the room under control to avoid compromising air humidity which may damp your paper through the days.

Proper Size

Definitely, the size is an important factor. In fact, paper jams are often caused by the wrong paper sizes. Prior to doing any printing job, make sure to check your tray for enough paper and its size. Larger prints will need larger sheets while some picture prints need a harder paper.

Kind of Printer

The technology behind these two is entirely different. The laser printer uses powder for the prints, while inkjet sprays the color into the sheet of paper. In cases where the laser printer paper has been used on inkjet printers, the product could turn out blurred.

It is expected that prior to purchasing a brand new printer, you should have understood the important factors that have to be considered. The cheapest printers Denver professionals can help you, especially when you are tight with budget.

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