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Ricoh Multifunction Copier Machines: Get to Know it More 

If you are looking for the perfect copier machines, don’t fret. Many brands have a wide range of high-quality, top-performing, and cost-effective products. One of these brands that will provide you with all of that is Ricoh. 

The Ricoh Multifunction Copier Machines are known for their quality and performance. They live up to its name of versatility and investment for many people, businesses, even offices. 

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Let’s take a look at what Ricoh has to offer and the advantages and disadvantages of some of its most popular models.

The History of the Ricoh Brand

Ricoh is one of the notable and most sought-after brands today. They first started their operation in 1936 in Tokyo, Japan. Their initial plan was to produce cameras before introducing its first office copier in 1955. 

Their popularity and brand name arose among others, making them one of the world’s largest printer manufacturers. They have been in operations in more than 200 countries and employ approximately 97,000 people worldwide, including over 2,400 in Canada. 

Ricoh does not only manufacture printers and copiers. Instead, they continued producing what they had started, which was cameras. Because of this, they make cameras, interactive whiteboards, and document management software. 

Ricoh Copiers and Printers

Ricoh printers and copiers, also known as the Ricoh Multifunction Copier Machines, are the perfect machines that aid anyones’ print needs. These machines are made of high-quality, versatile, and have performance that exceeds expectations. They are also notable for their components, for instance, their capacity, speed, print outcomes, graphics, and many more. 

This brand has many collections and sections you can choose from. It has a diverse product line, starting from a simple desktop printer, multifunctional copiers, and printers that have scanning, printing, laminating, and copy features. 

The same with their prices, you can choose which one is compatible with your budget. At most, the fees for desktop models range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. However, it will be higher for multifunction machines and high-end exclusive devices. 

Here are some of the Ricoh Multifunction Copier Machines that are popular in the market today:

  • Ricoh MP C306 Color Multifunction Laser Printer Copier Scanner With Large LCD Touch Screen For Office

This printer has a sleek design that can fit anywhere, even in a small space in your office or home. They are excellent at printing and copying up to 30 black-and-white or full-color pages per minute. You can transition from one task to the next with a single touch since you can print from your mobile device. This printer also assists in protecting information while conserving energy and lowering operating costs.

  • Ricoh IM C4500 High Capacity Color Multifunction Laser Printer Copier Scanner 11X17, 12×18 300GSM

One of the benefits this printer gives is, it has easy access to security updates which helps protect your devices. It also reduces costs by bringing high-quality print output in-house. This printer has streamlined workflows that can help you increase productivity. You can take advantage of simple productivity enhancements at your own pace.

  • Ricoh MP C3003 Color Multifunction Laser Printer Copier Scanner (11X17, 12×18) For Office

This printer also has a sleek and small design that serves convenience and purpose in any space you put them in. Some of this printer’s notable features are intuitive and familiar controls for versatile, multifunction performance. If you are always on the go, this has a mobile connectivity option wherein you can print anywhere. It also has an eco-performance that can be measured, saves energy, reduces consumption, and lowers operating costs. Among all the features mentioned, the most surprising one is it has an optional stapler or finisher. 


Are you looking for the perfect Ricoh Multifunction Copier Machines? Say no more. We have unlimited Ricoh printer and copier options to satisfy your requirements and budget. Don’t forget to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the suitable Ricoh model!

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