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How Can Copiers Cut Costs?

Did you know that the average employee costs a business around $600 to $1,300 every year just in printing costs alone? That is not taking into account the cost of operating, owning, and maintaining that copier in-house either. These costs can add up fast, and you can find yourself maxing out your budget before you had planned for it. The great news is you can prevent that from happening by taking the right steps to reduce your printing and copying costs altogether in Copier leasing Denver. 

While there are some occasions when printing single-sided can help elevate the overall look of a document, duplexing or printing double-sided can help reduce your print costs and it can also be more desirable for the recipient of the document because they have less paper to manage and less paper to fumble through. One industry that could benefit from this greatly is the medical industry, which utilizes a large number of printed materials to manage patient information. 

Studies even found that companies could reduce their yearly paper costs by up to 30% just by using the duplexing option. Copier lease Denver, it does not have to be the only way that you can print and copy, it could save you in the long run by using this technique for less important documents like internal documents and meeting notes. 

Embrace digital storage

We live in a highly digital world, so embracing digital storage can not only provide a huge cost-benefit to your company but can also automatically boost staff productivity. And the great news is that today’s high-tech copiers give a plethora of ways to connect with other systems and applications. 

Instead of going to your copier or your printer instantly to scan and print a document, consider whether or not you really need a hardcopy first. Sometimes the best solution is to just store the document in a cloud-based program for a later time when you need to access it. 

Spare your color

For those who use a color printer or copier, Copier leasing in Denver is one of the best ways to instantly cut down on unnecessary copy and printing costs is to print in black and white whenever possible. It usually costs four times more to print in color than to print in black ink so you can instantly reduce your costs every year by saving your color use for when you really need it. Most copiers and printers have an option to print in black by default and that can be switched manually on your copier or with the help of your provider. 

Preview your print

Even though it is simple, this strategy can solve a lot of issues with wasted paper and wasted money. One of the most common reasons for print waste in the office is because an employee printed a document without first reviewing it and it ended up coming out misaligned or even covered in broken images or ads. This most commonly comes up when printing from a page on the web, images, ads, and other elements sneak into the document, creating a less than desirable piece once printed. The best solution is to encourage employees to preview the page before they print it to make sure that it looks like what they want it to. 

Use a copier for high volume jobs

One of the best ways to bust your budget fast is by printing massive volume print jobs on a desktop printer. Desktop printers are made to be used regularly, but with smaller jobs. They are not designed to handle large jobs on a frequent basis. The parts are not as sophisticated or durable, causing them to wear and fail much more quickly. Whereas, if you find yourself printing hundreds of copies on a consistent basis, you are better off utilizing a multifunctional copier to get the job done. 

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